Underground Miner Training

14 weeks (includes the Safety Boot Camp)

Program Description

This program is designed to provide students with the necessary knowledge and basic skills to consider a career as an underground miner. Course content focuses on mining equipment operation using both underground mining equipment and simulators. As well, underground mining methods, mine services, mine safety and mine rescue theory will be taught. The total of 360 hours will be covered in (12) weeks. Course delivery will have a theoretical and practical component. Students will be able to understand and experience many of the daily routines of an underground mining operation. Certificate training courses will also be presented for Standard First Aid & CPR ‘A’, WHMIS and Mine Rescue – Theory.

Program Eligibility

Applicants wishing to enrol in this program must be 18 years of age. Individual assessments and interviews may be required. Successful completion of program 765 Introduction to Underground Mining is a pre-requisite.

Applicant Assessment

Applicants will be assessed based on program eligibility criteria.

Applicants need to

  • Grade 9 or equivalent and submit academic transcripts or ABE upgrading transcripts
  • Applicants may be required to complete an assessment test(s)
  • Applicants in possession of letters of intent from prospective employers will receive preference

Program Admission

Applicants will be admitted to the program based upon program eligibility, applicant assessment results and/or personal interviews.

Program Objectives

The overall objective of the program is to provide participants with a thorough overview and understanding of the underground mining process, mine safety, mining methods and mining equipment operation. Instruction will be both theoretical and practical. Students will be exposed to “real life” situations by using available resources – underground mining equipment simulators, mining equipment, guest speakers from industry, field trips, classroom activities, etc. The objective is to produce job-ready, entry-level underground miner trainees.

Completion Requirements

Students must:

  • Complete all assignments to the satisfaction of the instructors.
  • Attend classes and adhere to both Aurora College and program specific policies
  • Successfully complete all Operators’ Manuals for underground equipment

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Underground Mining Methods






Mine Safety & Mine Rescue – Theory






Mining Equipment Simulator Operation






Mining Equipment Operation






Mine Services Training








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Course/Module Descriptions

766-101 Underground Mining Methods

This course will be an enhancement of them material covered in the “765 Introduction to Underground Mining” program. Emphasis will be on underground mining methods currently being used t operating mines in the NWT as well as the most common mining methods used for different commodities and different ground conditions. Mining terminology, equipment and career possibilities will be highlighted. Other topics will include ground control and conditions to watch out for, ventilation, engineering and basic geology. Blasting methods will be discussed and mine safety emphasized throughout. Guest speakers will be incorporated at every opportunity to provide current, up-to-date industry information.

766-102 Mine Safety and Mine Rescue – Theory

This course will expand on the material covered in the (765-012) “Introduction to Mine Safety” Course. It will continue to focus on developing an understanding of the attitude of Safety” course. It will continue to focus on an understanding of the attitude of safety and will study the relevant chapters of the NWT Mine Health and Safety Act. The Mine Rescue component will focus strictly on the theoretical aspects of the WSCC Mine Rescue course. Topics covered ill include mine rescue; mine gases recognition-effects and treatment; gas detection instruments; fire; respiratory protective equipment; mine ventilation, fire suppression and emergency procedures in underground mining operations. A WSCC exam will be administered and those successfully completing it will be issued a WSCC certificate in “Mine Rescue- Theory”

766-103 Mining Equipment Simulator Operation

Students will gain valuable experience in the operation of underground mining equipment through the use of a full-scale mining equipment simulator. Emphasis will be operating the entry level pieces of equipments used at mining operations which are the haul truck and scoop tram. Students will be required to familiarize themselves with the respective operating procedures of the equipment and will be tested. Students will have one-on-one instruction at the beginning and will progress to unsupervised hour long sessions operating the equipment. Simulator generated operating reports will be used to monitor the students progress on the equipment. Students will get 15 hours of operating time on each of the 2 pieces of equipment.

766-104 Mining Equipment Operation

Students will learn to operate a 40 ton underground haul truck, an 8 cubic yard underground scooptram and a manual transmission vehicle. Before operating the equipment the students will study the respective operating manuals and have to successfully pass an Operators Competency test for each piece of equipment. These tests will cover safety procedures, walk around checks, operating instruments, general maintenance and operating rules. Students will have 20 hours of operating time on each of the 3 pieces of equipment.

766-105 Mine Services Training

This course instructs students in the safe techniques of installing underground services in operating mines. This includes installing ventilation tubing, messenger cable, air and water pipe, repairing hoses, basic timbering scaling and use of Victaulic clamps and hand tools. Students will learn terminology, various tools used and reasons for different applications.