Close collaboration with all levels of public government, Aboriginal leadership, educational institutions and the many businesses and organizations that comprise the North's mining industry are essential to the successes of the Mine Training Society and its clients.

Government of Canada

The Government of Canada is committed to engage with stakeholders to work toward renewing and expanding Department of Employment and Social Development Canada's Indigenous labour market programs.

KeTe Whii / Procon Joint Venture

KeTe Whii / Procon Joint Venture

KeTe Whii Limited was created to realize and maximize the benefits contained in the respective agreements between the signatory First Nations (the Dogrib, the Yellowknife Dene, and the Lutsel K'e Dene) and the resource developers operating on and near their traditional and current land use area in the Northwest Territories. Procon saw the benefits of working with such a unified group and together they formed the KeTe Whii / Procon Joint Venture. KeTe Whii / Procon is currently working at Dominion Diamond Corporation’s Ekati Diamond Mine.


Lutsel K'e Dene’ First Nation

The Lutsel K'e Dene, who live on the southeast shore of Great Slave Lake, are members of the Akaitcho Territory Government. They are represented by the NWT Treaty 8 Tribal Corporation, whose primary function is to negotiate the implementation of the Treaty that was concluded in 1900.


North Slave Metis Alliance

The North Slave Metis Alliance (NSMA) was formed in 1996, to strengthen the cultural and political identity of the Indigenous Metis peoples of the Northern Great Slave area. North Slave Metis were closely associated with Fort Rae, on the northern part of the Great Slave Lake. The fort was an important provisioning post for the traders of the Mackenzie-Great Slave Lake-Athabasca area. The North Slave Metis Alliance now seeks to transform the fort into a cultural and historical centre. The North Slave Metis were a signatory to the 1920 Dogrib Treaty 11. The NSMA is a non-profit organisation whose central mandate is to represent the interests of the direct descendants of the Metis of the North Slave Region of the Northwest Territories. Its objectives include negotiation and implemention of a land and resources agreement founded on the principles of self-government, and promotion of the educational, economic, social and cultural development of the members of the North Slave Region and the Treaty 11 Area.


Tlicho Government

The Tlicho Government is the governing authority on Tlicho lands. It has the power to pass and enforce its own laws, enter into contracts, hold resources, receive tax revenues and manage rights and benefits for the Tlicho citizens. It is responsible for managing Tlicho lands and resources, managing fish and wildlife harvesting on Tlicho lands, and education in Tlicho language and culture.

Yellowknives Dene First Nation

The Yellowknives Dene of Ndilo and Dettah are among the six First Nations that make up the Akaitcho Territory Government. These two First Nations are also members of the NWT Treaty 8 Tribal Corporation, whose primary function is to negotiate the implementation of the Treaty that was concluded in 1900. Their traditional lands are found in and around Yellowknife.

De Beers Group

De Beers Group has been exploring for diamonds in Canada for almost 60 years and has developed three diamond mines, including the Gahcho Kué Mine and Snap Lake Mine in the Northwest Territories and Victor Mine in northern Ontario. The company is also advancing the Chidliak Project on Baffin Island. Snap Lake Mine, about 220 km northeast of Yellowknife, is in extended care and maintenance while Gahcho Kué Mine, located about 280 km northeast of Yellowknife, opened in 2016 and employs over 550 people. Over its mine life, Gahcho Kué is expected to provide a $6.7 billion boost to the Canadian economy. 


Canadian Zinc

Canadian Zinc Corporation is a development-stage company engaged in the business of exploration and development of natural resource properties. Canadian Zinc has an experienced Executive and Board based in Vancouver, BC. It is planning to bring its 100%-owned Prairie Creek Mine into production at the earliest possible date. The mine, situated in the Mackenzie Mountains of the Northwest Territories, hosts substantial resources of high-grade silver, zinc and lead.

Diavik Diamond Mines Inc.

Diavik Diamond Mine Inc. is a founding member of the Mine Training Society. Several northerners who participate in MTS underground miner  program complete their training at the Diavik Diamond Mine and go on to full-time employment at the mine. Diavik, located 300 kilometres northeast of Yellowknife, is an unincorporated joint venture between Diavik Diamond Mines Inc. and Dominion Diamond Mines Ltd. Diavik Diamond Mines Inc., which operates the mine, is a wholly owned subsidiary of Rio Tinto plc of London, England. Currently, Diavik is an all underground mine. In 2014, the joint venture partners approved $US350 million to fund development of the A21 kimberlite pipe. Construction of a rockfill water retention structure, built with the same technology which allowed Diavik to safely and successfully open-pit mine the A154 and A418 ore bodies, is now underway. . Open-pit mining of the A21 kimberlite pipe is expected to begin in 2018. Diavik’s operations training initiatives include numerous site-based training programs, apprenticeships, a site-based workplace learning centre, support for the Aboriginal Leadership Development Program, and many workforce development initiatives. Approximately 1,100 people work at Diavik, of which half are northern. One quarter of Diavik’s workforce is Aboriginal. Diavik’s cumulative northern spend is CDN$4.6 billion, or 72 per cent of its total spending.  Total spend with Aboriginal businesses in $2.4 billion. In 2012, Diavik constructed the North’s first last-scale wind farm. This renewable energy facility is reducing the mine’s carbon footprint; it supplies 10 per cent of the mine’s power needs and its diesel fuel offset is approximately five million litres annually. The company’s vision "is to be Canada's premier diamond producer, creating a legacy of responsible safety, environmental, and employee development practice and enduring community benefit."

Education, Culture and Employment, GNWT

The Department of Education, Culture and Employment (ECE) of the Government of the Northwest Territories invests and provides for Northerners through a wide range of programs and services intended to ensure that the NWT adult population has the skills, knowledge and abilities they need to be self-reliant and take full advantage of social and economic opportunities. ECE coordinates and certifies a variety of trades and occupations that support industry, and funds delivery of education and training in these careers through Aurora College, and partnerships such as those that exist with Aboriginal Futures and the Mine Training Society. ECE also provides Income Security, including Income Assistance or Student Financial Assistance, which assists eligible Northerners with funding while they pursue training.

Avalon Rare Metals Inc.

Avalon Rare Metals Inc. is a Canadian junior mineral exploration and development company with a primary focus on rare metals and minerals. Avalon’s objective is to produce rare earth elements from Thor Lake. Excepting China, Thor Lake is unique in the world for its size and content of heavy rare metals. Avalon has been working with and creating partnerships with local Dene/Métis governments to increase benefits and minimize environmental impacts to the land and people. In addition to employment, partnerships, and businesses generated, infrastructure improvements such as roads or power are a value added to the local community.

Rare earth elements are important for the Green Economy and are used in electronics, automotive, and aerospace applications. Rare earth magnets are critical to energy efficiency applications, especially hybrid and electric vehicles, more efficient air conditioning and for many other energy and carbon reducing projects.

Aurora College

Aurora College serves a population of 41,000, dispersed across 1.3 million square kilometres in 33 communities in the Northwest Territories. The college delivers programs and courses through a network of three regional campuses and Community Learning Centres in all but the smallest communities. It offers a broad range of programming, from Developmental Studies to certificate, diploma and degree programs. Aurora College is focused on student success and is committed to supporting the development of Northern society through excellence in education, training and research, while always remaining culturally sensitive and responsive to the people we serve.


Renowned for technical excellence, Golder is a leading global specialized engineering and consulting firm with over 60 years of successful service to its clients. Golder’s professionals are driven by a passion to deliver results, offering specialized skills to address the ever-evolving challenges that earth, environment, and energy present to clients across the mining, infrastructure, oil & gas, and power sectors. Our teams based in Yellowknife and across Canada work together to support projects in the North, including the remediation of the former Giant Mine.

Arctic Canadian Diamond Company Ltd.

Arctic Canadian Diamond Company Ltd. is a Canadian mining company and a significant producer and supplier of premium rough diamond assortments to the global market. The company owns and operates the Ekati Diamond Mine, located in Canada’s Northwest Territories. In addition to its mining and exploration operations, Arctic Canadian has offices in Canada and Belgium.