Mine Training Programs

Mining Life: Steps to Success

Length: 12 Weeks

This is a 12-week pre-employment training program that teaches mining and work- readiness skills. 

Introduction to Hard Rock Prospecting

Length: 4 days over two weekends

Learn all about becoming a Prospector in the NWT, from the comfort of your home. This new 4-day course will be delivered online over TWO WEEKENDS, and is open to any NWT resident who has their own access to a computer or tablet and high-speed internet, and an interest in hard rock prospecting. Live webinars will allow students to ask questions and participate fully in the classes.


Mining Essentials

Length: 14 weeks

Take the first step of your career path with the Mining Essentials program. 

Heavy Equipment Operator

Length: 9 weeks

This program includes First Aid training, and an introduction to heavy equipment
operation, preventative maintenance procedures and air brake systems. The program also
includes 100 hours of training on one piece of heavy equipment.

Skills to Drill

Length: 2 Weeks

The Government of Canada, McCaw North Drilling & Blasting Ltd. and the Mine Training Society are running a series of on-the-job trainning programs for Driller Helpers at various locations.

This program will teach students the theory and safety rules for being around drill sites and then will provide them with 140 hours of practical training at various mine sites.


Introduction to the Role of a Geoscience Field Assistant

Length: 5 Weeks

In this module students will address a variety of topics related to the role and responsibilities of a Geoscience Field Assistant and the working conditions associated with this position. These topics include the knowledge, skills and attitudes required of Geoscience Field Assistants; the roles and responsibilities of employers, Project Managers and Geoscience Field Assistants; places and types of work; and...

Mineral Processing Operator

Length: 14 weeks (includes the Safety Boot Camp)
The Mineral Processing Operator Pre-Employment Training Program has been designed to qualify candidates for entry-level positions in the area of mineral processing. This program was designed based on the Core Competencies outlined in the Mineral Processing Technician Occupational Standards (Apprentice and Occupational Certification division of Education, Culture and Employment, GNWT).

Underground Miner Training

Length: 14 weeks (includes the Safety Boot Camp)

This program is designed to provide students with the necessary knowledge and basic skills to consider a career as an underground miner. Course content focuses on mining equipment operation using both underground mining equipment and simulators. As well, underground mining methods, mine services, mine safety and mine rescue theory will be taught. The total of 360 hours will be covered in (12) weeks. Course delivery will have a theoretical and...

Surface Miner Program

Length: 14 weeks (includes the Safety Boot Camp; Introduction to the Mining Industry is a prerequisite)

The fourteen-week Surface Miner Program will provide participants with entry-level knowledge, skills and attitudes outlined in the Mining Industry Human Resources Council (MIHR) National Occupational Standards for Surface Miners. In this practical, hands-on program, students will be introduced to surface mining operations and mine equipment operation in northern, cold-weather environments, using both mining equipment and simulators. The...